March 1, 2012


African tyrants: presidents Robert Mugabe and Abdoulaye Wade ignore constitutional rulings in their bid to remain in power.

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(Geriatric) African Tyrants ignore constitutional rulings

(Geriatric) African Tyrants ignore constitutional rulings

85-year old President Abdoulaye Wade cast his vote in Dakar on Sunday in Senegal’s presidential election, in which he is standing for president for the third time. Meanwhile Zimbabwe’s beloved leader, President Robert Mugabe, aged 88, says he’s as “fit as a fiddle” and ready to extend his 32 year rule at his country’s next election (at which of course Bob will be a candidate).

Mugabe’s “fit as a fiddle” comment came as he celebrated his birthday last week with a $1 million birthday party but what’s the odd million dollars in a country like Zimbabwe where its people are so rich after over three decades of benign rule?

Someone who didn’t celebrate Mugabe’s birthday was the Zimbabwean man, Richmore Chazi, who jokingly raised the question whilst having a drink in a bar with some friends as they watched live coverage of the party, as to whether President Robert Mugabe was fit enough to even blow up the balloons for his birthday festivities. Chazi has now been charged with insulting and undermining the president.

Not every one was happy the day President Abdoulaye went to vote. The old buzzard was booed by the crowd who chanted, “Grandpa go home!” as he placed his ballot paper in the box. Several members of the chorus were promptly given a good beating by Wade’s security goons, it was reported.


President’s Wade and Mugabe have several things in common, beyond being just geriatric old tyrants who beat up opponents.

Mugabe took over one of the richest, self-sufficient, countries in sub-Saharan Africa and given a bit of time drove it into economic collapse and starvation. President Wade is taking a country that unusually for the continent has had a relatively trouble-free history since independence and looks set to make sure that’s put a stop to.


Both presidents also take the attitude of to hell with the constitution. Mugabe says he will go on in power “with or without the constitution”. Wade of course is standing for president for third time only after having somewhat circumvented the constitution to get past a two-term rule.

Mugabe is also threatening to reject South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma as mediator over Zimbabwe’s supposed constitutional reforms whilst Wade has told France and the United States to go and jump in a lake for criticizing his subversion of the constitution.

Mugabe and Wade are a disgrace and an embarrassment to Africa says the Kenya Forum and we ask our readers to stop and listen for a moment? Can you hear it? The condemnation of Mugabe and Wade by the African Union we mean. No, neither can we.


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