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December 3, 2014


Kenyans react to the sacking of the widely-perceived-to-be-incompetent Joseph Ole Lenku. At long last he is gone.

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Kenyans react to much-awaited sacking of Ole Lenku

Kenyans react to much-awaited sacking of Ole Lenku

When president Uhuru announced during his address to the nation that he had nominated Kajiado Central MP, Joseph Nkaissery to replace Joseph Ole Lenku in the security docket yesterday, Kenyans were elated with the majority of citizens welcoming the move, which they cited was “long overdue”.

Joseph Ole Lenku, as many of you will know, has been the Cabinet Secretary in charge of internal security for quite some time. His tenure has overseen the embarrassment that was the handling of the Westgate Mall terrorist attack as well as rising Al-Shabaab activity in northern and eastern Kenya.

(Read ‘One year on from Westgate Mall terror attack: more questions than answers‘)

As it has become the norm, Kenyans took to social media in jest over Ole Lenku’s dismissal.

Below are some of the hilarious sentiments shared by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT);

Chirchir Wesley: Famous quotes from Ole Lenku include 1. All the suspects have been arrested. Police are looking for them 2. I can confirm, although I am not certain, that we have very good reason to believe that tomorrow is Monday. 3. Yes there were 15 to 20 terrorists. We managed to capture both of them! 4. We killed five terrorists, one committed suicide, the other 2 have been blocked by twitter. 5. One of the terrorist who was shot dead last week led us today to the hideout of the other three suspects. 6. KDF didn’t steal they just held the valuables hostage 7. We recovered four bodies from the rubble. Forensic investigation will determine whether they are really dead or pretending 8. We had control of the building except for 4th floor, 3rd floor and 2nd floor, but I THINK we had control of the building. 9. There were 15 terrorists, we killed 3 suspects, building collapsed on 5 AM. All of them are dead. 10. All the terrorists were men except about three women

Otice Mark: I quote Ole Lenku-‘The report reaching me says Nkaissery will replace me. I can neither confirm nor admit that am fired.’

Marcus Olang’: Might I suggest writing. “The exploding mattresses & other short stories.” An anthology by Joseph ole Lenku. Has a best-seller ring to it.

Cyprian, Is NyakundI ‏: Preliminary reports indicate that faded Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku has no clue that he has been fired.

XtianDela ‏: a That awkward moment Ole Lenku laughs at the Cabinet Secretary of interior for being fired…then he shows up at work tomorrow.

Mike Josh ‏: #mysecuritymyright….Ole lenku deserves a bodyguard, every Kenyan has got a grudge on him.

Judy: Joseph ole Lenku will run for Nkaissery’s Kajiado Central seat

Kenyans had (since last year’s Westgate attack and the ever increasing state of insecurity in the country) been calling for the resignation of both Ole Lenku and Inspector General David Kimaiyo, who retired yesterday.

For more on why Kenyan security officials are retiring and why the country is considered to be in such a bad state read: ‘Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo retires’ and ‘Insecurity in Kenya: cattle rustlers, al-Shabaab and KDF involved in smuggling’



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