April 1, 2014


Six killed in another grenade attack in Eastleigh. The suburb of Nairobi has been the subject of many grenade terror attacks.

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Six killed in another grenade attack in Eastleigh

Six killed in another grenade attack in Eastleigh

Six people have been killed and several people wounded in explosions in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi. Eyewitnesses said the devices, suspected of being grenades, were thrown towards a bus stop and a food kiosk as people made their way home for the evening.

“We suspect it is a grenade,” a local police officer told AFP.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the latest attack, many are blaming it on the Somali militant group al-Shabab

Eastleigh, known as “Little Mogadishu” because of its large Somali population, has seen several recent grenade attacks, including one in December of 2012. 

A week ago six people died when attackers burst into a church in Mombasa and opened fire on the congregation.

The government has now ordered all Somali refugees living in towns to move into designated camps. Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the directive had been issued because of the “emergency security challenges” facing Kenya. A refugee group has condemned the decision however, as being illegal.


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