December 22, 2023


2023 was a remarkable year with many surprises.

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The top 50 Kenya Forum news articles of 2023

The top 50 Kenya Forum news articles of 2023

Each year, we give our readers a full year’s round-up of the biggest and most compelling stories that shaped us. 2023 was a remarkable year with many surprises. Too many of them were unwanted but all were newsworthy. So, without further ado, the biggest stories from 2023:

A Ghanaian man has become the world’s tallest man, standing at 9 feet 6 inches (January 6th, 2023)

Cheeky crooks impersonate EACC officers to demand bribes (January 9th, 2023)

DNA home kits now available and exciting Kenyans (January 13th, 2023)

Kenyans will now be able to get a UK visa within three weeks (January 26th, 2023)

Siaya County spent Ksh285 million for tea in potential graft scam (February 4, 2023)

Will Somalia join the East African economic community? February 8th, 2023)

Trapped in a seemingly inescapable and worsening energy crisis, in February of this year, South Africa’s president Cyral Ramaphosa declared his country as being in a ‘state of disaster’. Corruption, inefficient energy production and distribution channels, and criminal sabotage were presented as explanations for why. Read more here:

South African officials declare the country in a national state of disaster (February 11th, 2023)

Kenyan priests will not bless gay marriages says Anglican church’s archbishop (February 13th, 2023)

Key statistics on Kenya’s maternal and infant mortality rates (February 16th, 2023)

The Director of Public Prosecutions orders an investigation into tea estates ‘sex for work’ allegations (23rd February, 2023)

Witches are still being lynched in Kenya (24th February, 2023)

Analysing how Russia’s war with Ukraine impacts Africa (3rd March, 2023)

Remnants of the oldest recorded stone tools have been found in Kenya (17th March, 2023)

Investigating infant mortality rates in Africa (20th March, 2023)

Truth vs. perception and the implications of this debate in a post-truth world (31st March, 2023)

While conducting a study into DNA samples found amongst remnants of the once influential Swahili civilisations of East Africa, scientists discovered more about the role ethnic Africans played in the societies most often associated with maritime traders who arrived from overseas. Have a read here:

New DNA study reveals the important role that Africans played in Swahili civilisations (4th April, 2023)

Why are people so f*cking rude when they’re online? (8th April, 2023)

An investigation of objective truth in a post-truth world (21st April, 2023)

New research on apes and early humans reveals why we stand upright (27th April, 2023)

Does China’s anti-US propaganda go too far? (2nd May, 2023)

Could giraffes be good at maths? Study reveals they aren’t so dumb (8th May, 2023)

An insight into the KDF’s new elite commando unit trained in the UK (10th May, 2023)

Where actually is the border between Somalia and Kenya? (19th May, 2023)

With the effects of Russia’s war in the Ukraine being felt the world over, one of our journalists considered one of the lesser considered links between Kenya and that far-reaching European war. Did you know that the once-infamous terrorist who masterminded the Westgate Shopping mall terror attack, a lady nicknamed the ‘White Widow’ died fighting the Russians on Ukraine’s border? Read the below article for more:

What part does Kenya play in the complicated origins of Russia’s war with the Ukraine? (23rd May, 2023)

10 million Kenyans live below the poverty line (9th June, 2023)

Income inequality in Kenya: the rich are getting richer and the gap is widening (10th June, 2023)

High Court rules that married women can inherit family land (27th June, 2023)

The register of shame: Kenya launches online register of sexual predators (29th June, 2023)

The Family Protection Bill 2023: could homosexuals face the death penalty in Kenya? (5th July, 2023)

Demographic trends: Kenya’s average family size continues to fall (6th July, 2023)

Africa is becoming freer and wealthier (9th July, 2023)

Unemployment rates amongst Kenyan women are double that of male counterparts (11th July, 2023)

The security situation on the Kenya/Somalia border deteriorates (16th July, 2023)

In July, we posted a considerably more light-hearted article in comparison to much of this year’s news. In a study on demographic trends, it was revealed which Kenyans were considered as the most desirable for marriage. Want the answer? Read this article:

Demographic trends: which Kenyan men are the most desirable for marriage? (18th July, 2023)

The murders of Julie Ward and Robert Ouko, and the madness of Valentin Kodipo and George Wajackoyah (23rd July, 2023)

Inspiring stories of female leadership across Africa (14th August, 2023)

Will Donald Trump be the first person to win the US presidency from behind bars? (28th August, 2023)

Who will succeed Raila Odinga as the leader of ODM? (10th September, 2023)

An analysis of Kenya’s media landscape in the digital age (20th September)

Benny Hinn’s crusade of Kenya: expect fake healings and fancy hotels (2nd October, 2023)

As the year came close to its ending, Kelvin Kiptum, yet another of Kenya’s remarkable long-distance running athletes, drew headlines at the Chicago Marathon as he set the marathon world record. Read on:

Kenyan runner Kelvin Kiptum sets the new marathon record (9th October, 2023)

An investigation into Kenya’s horrific mother and infant death figures (25th October, 2023)

New study asks the question of whether the cure for cancer could be found in elephant’s testicles? (25th October, 2023)

‘Nation of quacks’: Nairobi health clinic closes after suspicious death of woman (27th October, 2023)

Is China right to be worried about the security of its interests in Kenya? (28th October, 2023)

Big Brother is still watching you (29th October, 2023)

BBC investigation uncovers that school beatings have resulted in student deaths (7th November, 2023)

At the close of the year, seasoned broadcaster and journalist Waweru Njoroge wrote a series of articles for the Kenya Forum. The first of those analysed how we, the public, treat politicians that live in the public gaze. It is a thought-provoking and interesting analysis. Read all about it here:

The Ethical Tightrope: balancing respect for individuals and positions in politics (2nd December, 2023)

Is Kenya about to become East Africa’s soft power superpower? (5th December, 2023)

The faces of political ambition: launching ships and navigating tempests in Africa’s odyssey (20th December, 2023)


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