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Esther Passaris accuses Equity boss James Mwangi of sexual harassment

Esther Passaris accuses Equity boss James Mwangi of sexual harassment

Business woman, Esther Passaris, popularly known for her adopts-a -light initiative has accused Equity bank’s CEO of sexual harassment.

Passaris alleges that James Mwangi made sexual advances towards her and when she turned him down, he decide to ruin her business by terminating a previously signed business agreement with adopt-a-light.

….the whole project was thwarted before it could take off after Mwangi made several sexual advances towards me and I categorically turned him down. He was a friendly, listening and caring partner only as long as the chase was on. Later on through changes made to our contract after the fall-out, I realized he had all intentions not to honor our agreement in case I declined his advances,” said Passaris, according to a blog post by controversial blogger Cyprian Nyikundi.

James Mwangi has not responded to the allegations even though the blogger has taken to twitter under the hashtag #JamesMwangiTheSexPest.

Kenyans on Twitter remain divided on the allegations with some lashing out at the Equity bank CEO for the gross misconduct while some are accusing Esther Passaris of blackmailing the banker for selfish gain.

In February last year, Esther Passaris won a pro battled case against Equity Bank that saw her awarded Ksh 35 million.


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