June 14, 2018


The events that followed read like a script from a street brawl in a Hollywood movie

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Former MP Awarded SH15 Million for Son’s Murder

Former MP Awarded SH15 Million for Son’s Murder

Former Gatundu North MP Patrick Muiruri has been awarded SH 15 million by a high court judge in compensation over the killing of his son by a police officer.

Muiruri’s son Dr James Ng’a ng’a was shot dead in 2009 by police inspector Dickson Munene,who was convicted for the murder and sentenced to death has been serving life sentence at the Kamiti prison.

On the fateful day (February 2009) DR Ng’a Ng’a and Alexander Chepkonga, a friend of Munene, had engaged in a confrontation at the Crooked Q club in Westland’s, the events that followed read like a script from a street brawl in a Hollywood movie.

A brawl ensued and bouncers at the club kicked of Chepkonga and his team, who opted to wait outside the club for Ng’a Ng’a to finish his party and step out. A fist fight ensued and bouncers restrained Chepkonga, who together with his brother got into their car and drove off towards the Sarit Center roundabout.

Munene would then give chase to Ng’a ng’a and Chepkonga also followed hot in heels. The latter sped off ahead of the lot and blocked Ng’ang’a’s car and Munene closed in behind the victim’s car, sandwiching it completely.

The men stepped out of the car another bitter exchange ensued before Munene pulled out his pistol and shot at the doctor three times.

The MPs son was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead upon arrival.

In his ruling on the murder trial of the MP’s son in 2011, Justice Warsame had sentenced the two friends to death, ruling that it was clear they had a common intention to eliminate Dr Muiruri and were it not for Mr Chepkonga, Mr Munene could have not killed.

Chepkonga was however acquitted in 2014 following a successful appeal when Appellate Judges Roselyn Nambuye, David Maraga and Jamila Mohammed Friday ruled that although Mr Chepkonga was the reason Dr Muiruri was killed, the person who pulled the trigger was Munene.

The victims father later filed a civil suit against the AG, seeking compensation of Sh Sh136 million on grounds that his son, then aged 29, was at the peak of his career in the United Kingdom, where he earned Sh 5.4 Million per month but Justice Sergon awarded Sh 12 million.

Sergon further awarded Sh3.5 million as exemplary damages since Ng’ang’a died in the hands of a policeman, another Sh200, 000 for loss of income and a further Sh100, 000 for pain and suffering.

The compensation is touted as the highest or a victim of police brutality in recent times.


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