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January 14, 2015


Suspicions are growing and theories are becoming more worrying. “My father was poisoned” says son on the death of Mutula Kilonzo.

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“My father was poisoned” – Mutula jnr on death of Mutula Kilonzo

“My father was poisoned” – Mutula jnr on death of Mutula Kilonzo

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior, who is the son of the late Senator Mutula Kilonzo senior believes that his late father was poisoned.

Following a directive from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) after the family of the late Senator wrote to him alleging that unknown persons had tampered or interfered with the samples as they were being transported to London for detailed toxicological analysis, Mutula Junior recorded a statement with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) yesterday.


According to Mutula Junior, over a hundred samples had been taken and he had categorically requested that they be kept in different place, only for them to end up in one package while on transit to the UK.

Findings by the family pathologist Dr Ian Calder, which are similar to those of the government pathologist Johansen Oduor indicate that the late Mutula Kilonzo died of excessive bleeding.

Calder concluded that Mutula died of “multi-organ haemorrhage due to possible coagulation deficiency”. He said Mutula must have consumed something that caused a “catastrophic disturbance of the clotting mechanism”.


Mutula Junior says he does not refute the findings but he maintains that they could be wrong because of “unsuitable samples”.

“My father’s lungs had up to three litres of blood and even when we were doing the postmortem he was bleeding. The doctors said then they did not know what triggered this but added it was out of a substance he ingested and that is what we want to know,” said Mutula, the late senator’s son.

The family’s pathologist said last year that toxicology specimens given to him were “opened and possibly contaminated”.

Detectives handling the case said they will be looking at how the samples were handled from the mortuary to the Government Chemist and CID headquarters. They will interrogate the pathologists, courier and police who handled them.

The late Mutula Kilonzo Snr was found dead at his Maanzoni home under mysterious circumstances on 27th April 2013 and details surrounding the autopsy have been marked with controversy from the onset.

In a past article, entitled, ‘Mutula Kilonzo’s death: post-mortem still not released, suspicion growing’ the Kenya Forum raised alarm that something about the investigation into Mutual Kilonzo’s death did not smell right.


Following the mysterious death of Fidel Odinga, Mutula Junior has publicly stated that Fidel died in exactly the same manner that his late father did and going by the fact that he believes that he (Mutula Snr) was poisoned, it would be right to say that Junior is certain that Fidel suffered the same fate too.

The sad part is that this is Kenya and even with the new investigations, we can be certain that Kenyans will just never know who or what killed Mutula.


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