November 5, 2013


Mutula Kilonzo’s death: post-mortem still not released. The fact that a toxicology scan was ordered is raising suspicion.

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Mutula Kilonzo’s death: post-mortem still not released, suspicion growing

Mutula Kilonzo’s death: post-mortem still not released, suspicion growing

On April 27 Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo was found dead at his Maanzoni home, yet six months later the postmortem report into his death has not been released. The Kenya Forum asks, what is going on?


This much is known.

Mutula Kilonzo was found dead in his bedroom having apparently been violently sick.

In the investigation into Kilonzo’s death UK experts were asked to undertake a toxicological report because of the presence of foreign substances in his blood and urine. This was completed by a Dr Ian Calder and sent to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation in July.


According to the Daily Nation (‘Mutula, Rogo families wait for answers’) the chief government pathologist, Dr Johannsen Oduor, has been reluctant to submit his report together with the comparative UK findings.

Dr Oduor told the Daily Nation that his report was ready but he wanted to await his counterpart’s findings and taking “due consultations” before finalising the report and handing it over to investigators.


If this was murder investigation (and for all we know it might be!) then the pathologists report should be available within hours, says the Kenya Forum. And with all due respect to Dr Oduor, one “due consideration” is to get an investigation conducted in due time, i.e. quickly.

Something about the investigation into Mutual Kilonzo’s death doesn’t smell right. Cock up or conspiracy?

For more info, and for Mutula Kilonzo Jnr’s thoughts on whether it is a cock up or a conspiracy, read: ‘“My father was poisoned” – Mutula jnr on death of Mutula Kilonzo’


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