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Road Deaths in Kenya – The Carnage Goes On

Road Deaths in Kenya – The Carnage Goes On

4,104 people have died on Kenya’s roads so far this year, up from 3,947 for the same period last year according to statistics released by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

The NTSA based their report on a study of the number of deaths resulting from 18,474 recorded accidents over the year so far.

A breakdown of the statistics reveals that of those who died 1,486 were pedestrians, 378 drivers, 56 pedal cyclists and 1,085 motorcyclists.

In addition to the thousands of deaths on Kenya’s roads the NTSA report shows that another 8,371 people were seriously injured and 6,000 received ‘minor injuries’.

Counting the Cost

Aside from the tragic human cost of deaths and injuries on Kenya’s roads there is also a considerable monetary cost.

The NTSA report also highlighted the fact that road accidents in the country have resulted in a loss of more than Sh310 billion annually

Four Killed in Latest Crash

On Sunday four employees of the Memon Academy in Mombasa were killed and 22 injured in a road accident along the Wundanyi-Mwatate road in Taita-Taveta County, as they were returning from a funeral. Initial investigations suggest the crash occurred after the driver of the school bus they were in ‘lost control’ after its brakes failed and plunged 20 metres down a steep slope rolling several times.


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