September 29, 2022


Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko? – Episode 1

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Episode 1: Who Murdered Dr Robert Ouko? ‘Murder – In The Thickets by The Jordan’

Who Murdered Dr Robert Ouko?

The groundbreaking documentary into the murder of Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 1990: ‘Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why?’ Episode 1 (of 6): ‘Murder – In the thickets by the Jordan’.

‘Here are two facts we know from the beginning. The charred remains of Dr Ouko were discovered on the morning of 13th February 1990, and it is certain that he was killed where the body was found.

‘We know this from the testimony of hiss housemaid, the herdsboy who found the body and above all the forensic evidence of the British pathologist who investigated the murder site.’



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