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February 14, 2012


News about the Kenyans on Facebook: it seems, certainly for the here and now, that Kenya’s Facebook scene is a young man’s world.

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Facebook: Its A Young Mans World (In Kenya)

Facebook: Its A Young Mans World (In Kenya)


With this article, we thought we would just take a quick look at some Facebook statistics as they relate to usage here in Kenya. This article was prompted by an article in the Star on Friday. Where the star took a look at ho was most popular we had a look at ‘who was looking’?

Kenya ranks as 72nd in the world for the amount of people it has on Facebook. That puts our numbers between Puerto Rico and El Salvador. We have a long way to go yet if we have aspirations of having the most users.

We also took a look at who these Kenyans on Facebook were.

Overall Kenya has a younger and more predominantly male audience on Facebook. It may be a young mans world, here and now, but we bet that this will change over the next few years.


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