December 30, 2011


As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the year in its entirety and give it a ‘year in review’ summation. Read on and remember.

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Kenya Forum: review of 2011 Kenya news


2011 is all but over, so here’s a chance to look back at the some 140 articles published on the Kenya Forum in the last year, which started with our article on the bloody buses, ‘Roads and traffic in 2011’ on January 4. All you have to do is go to our mirror site at , click on to ‘2011-10 listings’ and there you’ll find all the articles starting with the latest article at the top.

The biggest readership for a single article, would you believe, went to ‘World Toilet Day – Don’t Laugh, This Sh!t Is Serious’. Perhaps it was the image of the elephant on the loo that did it.

The content of the other articles is varied in the extreme.

There are several articles on the subject of the military action in Somalia, starting with Operation Linda Nchi: Kenya Goes to War in Somalia.

Kenya’s changing social patterns are explored in articles such as ‘Marriage, Sex and the Single Woman – Kenya Style’.

On the serious side of things we have looked at the question of ‘lynching’ in articles such as ‘Kenya’s “Strange Fruit” and the Impunity of the Mob’, and on the lighter if seamier side of life, to prostitution and tea production in, ‘The Oldest Profession and the Price of Tea’.

The six part series of postings in early September starting with ‘The Kenya Forum Hasn’t Forgotten: The Kenya Human Rights Commission Report (Part 1) and ending with ‘The Kenya Human Rights Commission Report (KHRC) – New Kenya Demands More, The New Constitution Requires More’, provided perhaps some of the most in-depth articles posted on the Forum during the year.

Throughout the year we hope we have comfort the afflicted with articles such as ‘Irrigation and an End to Food Relief’, and ‘Diabetes in Kenya – Hope in the Midst of the Inflationary Storm’. No doubt we have also afflicted the comfortable with articles such as ‘Ahmednasir Abdullahi – “Afflicting the Comfortable”’, ‘The Sword of Justice is Mightier than the Poisoned Pen’, and ‘Gor Sunguh Owes far More Than SH3 Million and an Apology to Oraro Over Ouko Inquiry’.

So there it is, from football to condoms, new technology to shark attacks, piracy to the murder of Dr Robert Ouko, and much, much more, as they say. Do let us know what you think through posting a comment or sending an article for publication.

Once again, a Happy New Year to all the many thousands of readers who now visit the Kenya Forum site!

We’ll be back for many more articles throughout 2012. Keep in touch.


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