Curtains Close on Veteran Actor Charles Bukeko Alias Papa Shirandula

Papa Shirandula laid to restat his home in his Busia

Popular actor and comedian Charles Bukeko, popularly knows as Papa Shirandula, has been buried early today at his home in Busia County.

Papa Shirandula reportedly succumbed to Covid-19 on Saturday while waiting for treatment at the Karen hospital where he had been rushed  after developing breathing complications.

Papa Shirandula’s Wife Accuses Karen Hospital of Negligence

His wife has accused the Karen Hospital of negligence, saying they took too long to attend to the husband and when they did only concentrated on carrying out COVID-19 tests.

“When he went to hospital, he requested for three tests of malaria, pneumonia and Covid-19 but the hospital concentrated only on Covid and ignored the rest. They didn’t consider his condition an emergency and he died while we were at the waiting bay,” Beatrice Andega said during her husband’s funeral on Monday.

Papa Shirandula’s father has also refuted claims that his son died of corona virus , saying after the burial he will travel to Nairobi to follow up with Karen Hospital and understand what excatly transpired.

The celebrated actor was buried in a strict ceremony co-0rdinated by health officials. Mourners who accompanied the body from Nairobi were received by health officials who screened them under strict Covid-19 protocols. They also had a separate tent from the rest of the mourners, which was pitched at the far end outside the main compound.

Fare Thee Well Papa Shirandula.




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HELB Waives Sh1,000 Clearance Certificate Fee for Non-beneficiaries


Non-beneficiaries of the Higher Educations Loans will now be getting Compliance Certificates for free following the board’s decision to waive the Sh 1000 fee that had been traditionally charged for the certificate.

According to HELB, the waiver of the fee for the compliance certificate is aimed at helping jobless youths seeking jobs, saying that the fee has been perceived as punitive for those who did not benefit from the student loans.

CEO Charles Ringera further added that the board  had received numerous complaints regarding the fees with some saying that unemployment and under-employment challenges could not allow them to raise the money.

The HELB compliance certificate is among the mandatory documents job seekers looking for jobs in the public service must submit.

Nominated Mp Isaac Mwaura has been pushing for the waiver of the numerous fees the government charges job seekers for complaince certificates. These include the HELB Compliance Certificate, Certificate of Good Conduct () and CRB clearance (Sh 1200) among others.

Mwaura in 2018 filed a petition in the Senate concerning clearances required by the public service boards on application for jobs in Kenya saying they were punitive.

“When you say representation doesn’t matter, it’s good to know that the HELB Kshs 1,000 waiver was achieved after a petition that I presented on behalf of the youth in Kenya. This follows the CRB fees waiver. Thanks HELB for this declaration,” MP Mwaura Tweeted.

MP Gideon Keter is among leaders who have welcomed the decision by HELB saying he is now out to push for stop the monthly penalties and reduce the interest rate charged by HELB in a new bill.

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By Jane Mwangi

What do Ol Joro Orok, Bungoma and Moi’s Bridge town have in common? They are all going through a series of mysterious murders that have left their residents in a constant state of anxiety for their safety. In all three towns the law enforcers have not made even a single arrest to ease the tension.

Take the case of Ol Joro Orok which boasts significant investment in the hotel industry and is a thriving agricultural hub. Since the beginning of this year, a cloud of crime has hung ominously over the once bustling municipality. Some of the victims have been raped and tortured before being killed. Only two of the murders are similar in pattern, such as those dubbed the “tunneling murders”.

One of the survivors was only too eager to talk to a reporter because as she says the police have never questioned her about her grueling experience. When walking home from work one day she was accosted by two men who knocked her on the head and tried to drag her through her kei apple fence. She was one of the lucky ones as the attackers were interrupted by the sound of her son’s approaching motorcycle as he headed out to look for her. Her attackers left
behind a hat and boots.

Sadly not so lucky was 8 year old Purity Wanjiru whose mutilated body was found in a field near a shopping centre, a day after she had left home for school. Her grandmother Grace Waweru reports that the killers are known but have not been arrested. She therefore lives in a constant state of morbid vigilance fearing that her granddaughter’s slayers will come back and kill her and her daughter, especially because she is still seeking justice.

What is most disturbing about the Ol Joro Orok murders is that there are suspects known to the police but no arrests. Consider Dishon Nderi, a 27 year old who works at Primrose Flower Farm.

He was a primary suspect in the murder of 57 year old Mary Macharia who was raped, tortured and murdered last year, December 17. Her naked body was found in a field near a cattle dip, 200 metres from her home. Nderi was tied to the murder by a phone call that was made to the victim from his phone on the day of her death. Nderi defended himself by claiming that a friend had borrowed his phone to call his wife. The friend was never questioned according to Nderi.

Dishon Nderi was again mentioned as a suspect in one of the tunneling murders, so called because of the means by which the assailants gained access to houses of the victims. The victim, Alice Wanjiru a 23 year old mother of one was asleep in the house together with two of her siblings and a daughter when the attack occurred. Wanjiru died in hospital while recovering from her injuries.

She was six months pregnant. Remarkably, even though Nderi has been positively identified by the sister of the victim as the attacker, he has not been arrested even after another burrowing murder occurred on April 22. The attacker even left behind items of clothing; a jacket and a knife.

The items left behind in at least two of the murders could be teeming with DNA evidence that would put the attackers away but the police chose to simply ask the wife of Nderi to confirm if the items belonged to her or her husband. Her denial was enough proof of Nderi’s innocence apparently and all he has to do is to report to the Ol Joro Orok police station every week.

The defence of the police boss in this subcounty, Isaac Ruto is that the murders are caused by family land disputes or are crimes of passion. Does it mean that the killers should go scot free? Bungoma’s cases may be different because they occurred in the wake of the Covid – 19 crisis which brought on a curfew that criminal gangs have taken advantage of to terrorise the residents and commit violent robberies.

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Unsolved Death of Athi River Innocents

Decomposing bodies of two children found in police station

By Jane Mwangi

Mystery deaths in Kenya have taken ludicrous and heart wrenching proportions in the recent killing of two innocent children who were found in the boot of a car that was parked in a police station.

It is appalling to think that a gruesome crime such as this could occur right under the nose of the law, which is either an indication that criminals are taking advantage of the laxity of law enforcement or that law enforcers are criminals themselves.

The deceased minors went missing on June 11 while playing outside their house at KMC Estate in Athi River. Alvina Mutheu (3) and Henry Jacktone (4) were last seen alive on the same day when they walked into the Athi-River police station.

The owner of the crime scene car said he had gone there to pick his detained motor vehicle when he noticed a foul smell from the boot of his Toyota Belta.

The vehicle had been lying at the station for over three months after it was involved in an accident along Mombasa road on March 4. After opening the boot he noticed the curious cargo covered in a black paper bag. Upon further inspection, he discovered the two lifeless bodies.

There is an eye witness account of a businessman who runs a kiosk just outside the police gate, who claims to have seen the children enter the yard at around 11 am all by themselves, and never saw them leaving.

Two hours later, a man and a woman seeking the whereabouts of missing children came to the kiosk and asked if he had spotted the minors.The trader is reported to have directed the parents towards the police station yard where he saw the children last.

One of the theories the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is contemplating is that the minors died after suffocating inside the accident car parked at the police station yard. This is supported by the account of the owner of the vehicle who is said to have told the investigators that his vehicle had faulty locks and that anyone could have gained access.

This detail is in sharp contrast to the information given to the investigators by a traffic officer assigned to move the vehicle on May 1, to create space for more vehicles. He claimed the vehicle was securely locked and there was no way anyone could have gained access.

While it is plausible that the children wandered into the police station yard and entered the vehicle themselves, it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, how the minors, who were barely learning to speak, walked for more than
two kilometres from their home to the police station yard, opened the boot of the vehicle, wrapped themselves in a black paper bag and shut the boot. In addition there were no blood stains on the minors or in the vehicle and the cause of death is yet to be established by a postmortem.

The second more conceivable theory, based on the account of a police informer is that rogue cops at the police station were part of a wider scheme to cover-up an accident. Sources within the investigation team said on the night when the children went missing there were reports that some children had been knocked down by a vehicle. Details of the exact location of the accident or the vehicle involved were unclear: but why the need to cover up an accident?

Six people have now been summoned for questioning by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters on the Kiambu Road. Among those summoned are police officers and the owner of the car.

The police say they have ruled out the possibility that the two little children were killed at the police station but according to press reports there are no CCTV cameras at the station.

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Kenya Hits 10,000 Covid-19 Cases


Kenya has passed the 10,000 mark after recording 379 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, bringing the total number of corona virus cases in the country to 10,105.

Men Account for Highest Number Of Covid-19 Infections in Kenya

According to Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, men continue to make up the highest number of those affected by COVID-19 compared to women. Men accounted for 253 of the 379 cases  that were recorded on Sunday.

Counties Most Affected by Covid-19 

Nairobi continues to be on the lead as the county with the highest new infections (209), followed by Kiambu (49), Busia (38), Migori (19) and Mombasa (16) .

Total Covid-19 Recoveries and Deaths in Kenya

The total number of recoveries as of July 12 is 288 and the total number of deaths is 185.

Globally, the USA has the highest number of cases (3.37M) followed by Brazil (1.87M) and India (878,000).

What Is Corona Virus?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales.

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Lady Moran Animated Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer 2019


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