November 4, 2014


Pastor Victor Kanyari part of a family of con-people using religion to extort money from the desperate and the ignorant.

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Pastor Victor Kanyari part of a family of con-people using religion to extort

Pastor Victor Kanyari part of a family of con-people using religion to extort

Pastor Victor Kanyari

Pastor Victor Kanyari of the Salvation Church Ministries has since Sunday evening been the hottest topic of discussion in Kenya, even overtaking the sad killings of 21 police officers by bandits in Baringo County (read ‘Insecurity in Kenya: cattle rustlers, al-Shabaab and KDF involved in smuggling‘.

KTN’s Jicho Pevu and The Inside Story exposé carried out by investigative journalist Mohamed Ali and John Allan Namu respectively, revealed how the controversial televangelist, who calls himself Dr. Prophet Kanyari, has been duping unsuspecting Kenyans on claims that he can perform miracles that can heal even the most deadliest diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Kanyari, popularly known for his trademark sh310 offering he advocates for, was caught on camera ‘auditioning’ his staff and other ‘hired’ members on how to give testimonies which would be captivating enough to lure more people to his church.


One of the staff candidly explained on how they would use the chemical potassium permanganate in water, to dupe congregants who were receiving the alleged ‘miracles’ that the colour change seen was bloody demons leaving their bodies.

The young man also elaborated on how they would stick nails on their hands using petroleum jelly while ‘praying’ for expectant church members and later claim that the nails had been planted on their bodies by evil spirits.

It was indeed a sad day for the Christian faithful as the nation watched on the extent in which greed and love for money can push a man, even to ‘steal’ in the name of God.


Following the exposé there have been calls for the government from a section of Kenyans to have Kanyari arrested and prosecuted.

The Atheists in Kenya for instance, are calling for the prosecution of the false prophet on grounds of fraud.

“Atheists in Kenya would like the Government of Kenya to quickly arrest Bishop Victor Kanyari for taking advantage of gullible Kenyans and eventually extorting money from them in the name of God. What Bishop Kanyari was doing amounts to fraud, and is unacceptable,” the association President Harrison Mumia said in a statement.

The association also argued the government to ban media that air programmes that focus on miracle healers so as to stop the creation of a society that believes in and is obsessed with miracles.


Apparently, Prophet Kanyari is the son of another fake prophet, Lucy Nduta, who was arrested and prosecuted in 2006 for swindling Christians. She used to demand for at least Sh200,000 for a miraculous Aids cure, something she did not deliver.

A source has also revealed that Kanyari’s young brother is also practicing the same businesses.

“The business runs in the family. His younger brother is also a con. He goes by the name Apostle Jackson Mwangi. He runs his church in Sinai. And his show is usually on Saturday on GBS Kenya.” said a source that will remain nameless.


The prophet Kanyari expose’ was indeed a disturbing clip to watch, especially the loose manner in which he would speak and even how he would mishandle female congregants. In one particular incident, he even folds the breasts of one woman who had complained of feeling pains in one of her breast. As if that was not bad enough, he asks her to reveal the breast and he goes ahead to fondle it before prescribing application of oil.

Ironically, even after such a misdemeour from the ‘prophet’ congregants wouldn’t even be alarmed.

In my opinion, as much as I condemn Kanyari’s clandestine activities, I believe that his ‘empire’ has blossomed because of the society. Such actions and ignorant following portray a society that is desperate and in need of ‘miracles’ which seem to be the only solution to rise from their present predicaments.


In Hosea 4:6, the bible reads that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” and in such an incident, I think most Christians have delegated their faith to preachers. The only role most believes seem to be keen on is just going to the church structure every Sunday routinely to hear the preaching, without a personal understanding of the word of God, which then makes it very easy for them to be duped. In some churches it has become even hard to distinguish whether the congregation is worshipping God or the pastors.

Considering that the freedom to worship is enshrined in the constitution, the government cannot do much to regulate churches and that explains the numerous briefcase churches that have sprout in the recent past. However, if people are to distinguish false prophets who will come to fool and mislead in the name of God, then Christians must learn how take personal control of their faith.


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