Education CS Fred Matiangi

Education CS Fred Matiangi

Kenyans took to social media yesterday news started circulating that education CS Fred Matiang’i was going to announce the results of the 2016 Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE) WAY earlier than the traditional period the results are announced.

The unexpected decision to announce the results caught everyone by surprise including KNUT chairman William Sossion who revealed that he also learned about the announcement a few minutes prior to the pronouncement.

Social media became abuzz with hashtags in accolade of Matiangi, who did not just deliver the KCPE results but credible ones at that. This year for the first time in history, no single candidate had their exam cancelled due to cheating as the CS had introduced new measures to curb the vice, which has characterised exams years on end.

In a country where government officials are looting public funds more than they are working, Matiangi has certainly stood out and his delivery has brought hope that sanity can still prevail in Kenya’s education system.

Below are some of views Kenyans shared on twitter under hashtags #IfMatiangiWasPresident #Matiangi #KCPE2016

Mrs. M ‏@KuisanMacharia: Dear Kenyans, this is how you handle a docket. You accept the failures, take responsibility, rally your team. Not shifting blame. #Matiangi

Benji Ndolo:  Imagine if CS Matiangi was KQ boss? It would have long surpassed British Airways in performance and service.

David Awinyo: I simply love what Matiangi is doing in the ministry of Education. How  I wish and pray that God will unveil such leaders to us.

Eric Bukachi:   Public funds would be utilized #IfMatiangiWasPresident

Miracle Child: #IfMatiangiWasPresident SGR would be complete in 2 weeks. #KCPE2016 

Kyle Alovi:  Things are so bad in Kenya that we are congratulating CS Matiangi for doing his job. #IfMatiangiWasPresident

MÛREGA: If Kenyans are trending this tag #IfMatiangiWasPresident they know what they desire most but are unwilling to make the switch.

Atanas: Corrupt leaders would have been facing it rough. #IfMatiangiWasPresident




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Kenya's Education Cabinet Secretary DR Fred Matiang’i announces KCPE results earlier than expected

Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary DR Fred Matiang’i announces KCPE results earlier than expected

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has caught everyone by surprise when he unexpectedly announced the results of the 2016 KCPE exams today, way earlier than the traditional period, which is usually after Christmas.

Even more astonishing is Matiangi’s revelation that for the first time in history of national exams in Kenya’s not a single candidate has had their exam cancelled due to cheating, as there was none.

The education CS said that there were 21 incidents of exam malpractice across the countries, which were handled.

“This year the exam did not leak at all and am proud to announce that for the first time in the history of KCPE exams none of the candidates will have their exams cancelled this year because of cheating,” Matiang’i said, adding that the 21 cases of attempted exam malpractice are the lowest in the history.

Last year, exam cheating rose to a high 70 percent, which was higher than the previous year. 5,101 candidates who sat for 2015 KCSE had their results cancelled and it’s indeed historic that there was zero cases of cheating in the 2016 KCPE exams.

2016 KCPE candidates performed dismally compared to 2015

The top student in this year’s KCPE scored 436 marks compared to 449 marks last year, which Matiang’i says if ranking was to be done, the candidate would not be among top 90 in last year’s exams, which were characterized by rampant cheating

4,190 pupils scored over 400 marks in 2016 compared to over 7,000 pupils in 2015.

Ranking System

The education CS also said that the ministry is still working on a system to rank schools and candidates and therefore did not do the ranking in the 2016 KCPE exams.

“Parliament passed an amendment to the Kenya National Exams Council Act, which requires us to rank schools in the order of a system we will have to establish through research, consultation and we are working on it,” he said. Adding that the amendment was passed in October and it was too late for us to have that system in place.

Private exam centers fuel exam cheating

Matiang’i has also said that the education ministry will no longer allow “private candidates” to sit for exams in private centers saying that this is what fuels exam cheating.

“We will never again have those private centers where people do exams behind shops, anyone who is registered as a private candidate will have to seat for their exams in ministry of education institution because most of these private candidates are cases of impersonation where people do exams for others, and these are the people who have been fueling cheating,” the CS said.

Pay exam fees for candidates

Matiang’i has also said that Pupils who score over 400 marks, whether from public or private schools will be able to join national schools of their choice and also announced that the government will from next year pay examination fees for all candidates, whether they are in public or private schools.

Matiang’i has also announced another first by stating that Form One students will now report to their respective schools on January 9, 2017 and not in February as is the norm and that the form one selection process will kick off immediately.

“The selection of Form One students begins immediately. We are not going to wait until the following year like previously,” Dr Matiang’i said.

How to Check Your KCPE Results

2016 KCPE candidates can check their results by texting their index no to 22252




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Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris on JKL show

Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris on JKL show

The high court has stopped the 2017 Nairobi County gubernatorial aspirant, Miguna Miguna, from making any more defamatory remarks against businesswoman Esther Passaris, who is also vying for the same position in the upcoming elections.

Passaris moved to court to sue the controversial Miguna Miguna over the defamatory insults he hurled at her on national TV, during the Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) show on KTN on November 16, 2016, and also for a “malicious tweet” Miguna posted referring to Passaris together  with the other aspirants in the 2017 Nairobi County Governor race as “thieves and “drug dealers”.

 “Kenyans in their millions should watch @KoinangeJeff Live on KTN on November 16 at 10PM as I expose thieves and drug dealers.” the tweet read.

During the same show, Miguna while openly showing his contempt for Passaris, called her a “socialite bimbo” whose only rise to fame was propelled by sleeping with rich men”.

He further went ahead to make fun of Passaris “sexual harassment” allegations against Equity Bank’s CEO James Mwangi, asking her if “everyone who meets her wants to rape her”.

Justice Joseph Sergon said Miguna shall not defame Passaris by word or through her images on various media platforms, including social, print and electronic media.

Miguna’s sexual slurs on Passaris provoked a public outcry, with the criticism turning to the show’s host Jeff Koinange for encouraging the assault by just giggling as the drama unfolded.


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PS Karanja Kibicho to serve 3 month jail term

PS Karanja Kibicho to serve 3 month jail term

Principal Secretary Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination National Government, Karanja Kibicho, has been handed a three-month jail term for failing to effect a court order directing that a victim of the infamous Nyayo House ‘torture chambers’ be paid  Ksh 2.65 million in compensation.

Justice George Odunga said that the PS has been disobedient to the court by failing to honour the order and directed Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to immediately arrest the Interior PS and send him to prison to serve his sentence.

“The court hereby directs the IG with immediate effect to arrest the PS for disobeying court orders and ensure he serves his jail term,” Justice Odunga said.

The judgment to pay the torture victim, Michael Mahugu, was issued on February 11, 2014, but he has never been compensated to date.

The order to arrest Kibicho is a huge test on the rule of law in Kenya and Kenyans are waiting to see if Boinnet will arrest his boss, who is by the time this article was posted in Kirinyaga county with President Uhuru.

Nkaissery Charged With Destroying Narcotics Yacht

A Mombasa court has also issued an arrest warrant on Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery for the destruction of a yacht (MV Baby Iris) in August 2015, which was used to traffic heroin worth over Sh20 million.

Chief magistrate Julius Nang’ea has asked the DPP to prosecute Nkaissery together with four other senior government officials for blowing up the crucial exhibit without court orders

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Eastland's old estates to be demolished

Eastland’s old estates to be demolished

The Nairobi county government has announced plans to demolish old town-houses in popular estates in Eastland’s for the construction of modern houses that will accommodate more tenants.

According to Tom Odongo, County Executive for Urban Renewal and Housing, the 9 billion housing projects, which is expected to kick off in February 2017 will consist of 17,000 modern housing units. The apartments will comprise of one- to three-bedroom units.

The old estates that will be targeted in the regeneration plan include; Jevanjee, Ngong road, old Ngara, New Ngara, Pangani , Uhuru and Suna road

The Urban Renewal and Redevelopment of old housing project had been scheduled to kick off mid this year but was postponed due to logistic challenges.

Odongo said residents currently occupying the old housing units built by the defunct City Council of Nairobi would be given first priority and will also be paid relocation compensation for the construction period, which is estimated to be 24 months.

“We would like to re-assure current residents that they will be able to buy or rent a new unit when they are built at a concessionary rate,” said Odongo.

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