Latest figures from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) show all-time record remittances from Kenyans around the world in 2017. In the 12 months to the end of December, Kenyans abroad sent home a staggering Sh197.12 billion ($1.95 billion), an increase of Sh22.82 on 2016 when the figure was Sh174.30 billion, a growth of 13.09 per cent.

The amount of money sent in December alone was in itself a record for one month, reaching Sh20.64 billion ($20.82 million).

Remittances from Kenyans living abroad remains the country’s top money earner, with earnings from tea exports at Sh129 billion for the year, and from tourism Sh120 billion, although both sectors showed a growth in 2017 with earnings from tea exports up by 7.5 per cent and from tourism by some 20 per cent.


North America (the US and Canada) continues to be the largest source of remittances, with Sh101.60 billion ($1 billion) transferred in 2017 but there was also a hefty increase in money coming in from Europe, a growth of 22.71 per cent to Sh63.40 billion ($629.11 million) over the year.

The CBK’s data however, only records money transferred through formal channels such as commercial banks and foreign exchange bureaus and does not include cash brought into the country by Kenyans returning home and other “informal channels” which has been estimated by some to in all likelihood double the figures estimated for remittances by the CBK.




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The deadline for last submissions on the Cybercrimes Bill 2017 passed virtually without notice on February 14 but there are growing concerns that the new legislation will cut across fundamental rights to privacy.

The proposed Bill would force Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies such as Safaricom to release what was previously private information to the police without the need for a court order.


Members of Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANET), a grouping of IT experts and civil society activists want sections of the Bill removed to protect people’s rights to privacy.

Their concern is that sections of the Bill would empower the police to compel service providers with “subscriber information” on the grounds that they have “reasonable grounds to believe” that the information could be useful to an investigation.

In a memorandum to parliament KICTANET said: “The provision violates the rights to privacy… it defeats the purpose of having a court process, provides an opportunity for abuse and cannot be remedied if the court order sought is not granted”.

KICTANET also want clauses in the Bill deleted which they say will give the police the power to intercept electronic communications such as emails.

The IT campaign group argue that the right to privacy should only be limited in the circumstances where there is an investigation in progress and when warrants have been granted to the police by a court.

The Network are also concerned that even where a website, for example, published information that was believed to be truthful, even it subsequently proved to be erroneous, the publisher could fined up to Sh5 million, or sentenced to two years in prison, for publishing “false, misleading and fictitious date”.


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The common perception is that elderly people are not sexually active, thanks to their age; a new study from the UK has however proven otherwise.

According to the study by Censuswide, which was published by the published by Independent Age, over half (52%) of people aged over 65 years say they don’t feel like they have enough sex.

The study, which surveyed 2,002 older people, further reveals that one in 10 people aged 75 and over (10%) said they have had multiple sexual partners since they turned 65.

Lack of opportunity

Well, Age is not a factor as to why “oldies” will stop having sex as revealed by the Censuswide and the only obstacle would be “a lack of opportunity”. One in six people aged 65 and over (17%) said one of the only reasons they would stop having sex would be a lack of opportunity.

 “Age is no barrier to having a sex life, a lot of older people are more sexually active than many people may think,” said Lucy Harmer, Director of Services at Independent Age.

Sexually Starved

Half of the people sampled in the study aged over 65 years say they don’t feel like they have enough sex as they would desire with only one in six people aged 80 and over (18%) say they feel like they have enough sex.

Online Affairs

Online dating sites provide the ideal avenue for those aged 65. According to the study, more than one in four people aged 65 and over (29%) who are in a relationship that started in the past 10 years say they met their partner online.




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Miguna Miguna

The self acclaimed general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Miguna Miguna has in an open letter addressed to Nasa’s David Ndii and Norman Magaya, which was posted on his Facebook page accused the two of being opportunists who are out to upset him.

According to Miguna David Ndii, who is Nasa’s strategist and CEO Norman Magaya are imposing themselves on NRM’s leadership without consulting him as the “general” saying that they are just out to sabotage NRM.

“I have just received credible reports about what transpired during your conference call with the Kenyan Diaspora.First, I take issue with the fact that you purported to speak on behalf of the NRMKe, a movement you have not been part of.” read the note in part.

Below is Miguna Miguna full letter to Ndii and Magaya.

Good afternoon, comrades.

For the record, this is what I wrote; so that you don’t receive it in a distorted manner. The Star has distorted it a little.

Good evening Dr. David Ndii and Mr. Norman Magaya; I trust that you are well.

I have just received credible reports about what transpired during your conference call with the Kenyan Diaspora.

First, I take issue with the fact that you purported to speak on behalf of the NRMKe, a movement you have not been part of.

I am aware that none of my fellow NRMKe leaders had been informed about your conference call nor had you had the courtesy of contacting me, as the NRMKe General, before, during or after my illegal abducation, detention and purported deportation.

Nasa Strategist David Ndii

You both know my local and Canadian numbers including my WhatsApp number.

In fact, neither of you have called or texted me to show solidarity since I was released and forcefully removed from Kenya.

I’ve keenly watched videos and read media reports of the campaign for my release and I have noted, with interest, your singular silence about me.

Neither of you have mentioned my name during the numerous press conferences you have called and statements you have read.

It’s as if you were celebrating about the flagrant abuse of my rights with the Jubilee despots! That’s extremely unfortunate!

Second, you purported to have unilaterally appointed “acting NRMKe leaders.”

I wish to remind you that leaders for movements aren’t appointed; they emerge organically from the movement.

Third, you have apparently announced that you will unveil the NRMKe “constitution and president’s council.” I have no idea what these are except to reiterate the point that movements aren’t NGOs or political parties and they don’t have written constitutions for very good reasons.

Fourth, David, you have been leading the People’s Assembly process. You have never invited me to any of your events. You have never informed me about any of your events. And I have never interfered with that process.

Let’s respect our respective jurisdictional mandates.

And fifthly, I detest very strongly the habitual opportunism and selfish caninbalism that your behaviours are symptomatic of.

Liberation wars are not fought and won on deception and opportunism.

I will not allow you to impose yourselves on the NRMKe.

Nasa CEO Norman Magaya

I’m beginning an NRMKe global tour next week. We would not tolerate any distractions from you.

Thank you.

– Miguna Miguna

Please Note:

Norman Magaya is actively working for Jubilee. He took Kshs. 30m to withdraw the petition against Sonko in retaliation for his failed nomination to IELA. He had vowed to “revenge against Raila” after that. H.E. Railla Odinga himself told me about it. Ndii opposed the swearing in and threatened to lead a walkout from NASA of Kalonzo et al. Ndii shouted at me and made the threats in person in my house. Now that their schemes have flopped, they have conspired to sabotage the NRMKe. We shall not permit it!

The truth will set you free!





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Chinese actress Lou Naiming “blacked-up” with padded bottom

The Chinese New Year is a big event and the state broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV), marked it on Thursday with a four-and-a-half hour television spectacular watched by an estimated 700 million Chinese viewers. One comedy sketch included in the evening’s entertainment has however caused an outcry for its portrayal of Kenyans and Africans.

The comedy skit included in CCTV’s ‘Spring Festival Gala’ was about Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), which was meant not only to be funny but also to play on the theme of China’s growing relationship with Africa.


Unfortunately the scene included a black man dressed up as a monkey and a Chinese actress who had been “blacked up” and stuffed padding material into her stage outfit to make her backside look bigger, a part played by famous Chinese actress Lou Naiming.

In the comedy sketch the blacked-up female character reportedly declares: “China has done so much for Africa!” and, “I love Chinese people! I love China!”

The skit was about the launch of the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR and included other African actors dressed up as gazelles and zebras.


Kenyans took to social media to express their concerns.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir tweeted, “I’m waiting for our Ministry for our new Minister of Foreign Affairs to summon the Chinese ambassador”.

The cartoonist Patrick Gathara tweeted: “Did you know that the Chinese blackface skit was actually portraying you and your!”.

Another well-known lawyer, Gitobu Imanyra, was reported by the New York Times as saying: “What is disgusting is that we won’t hear any official complaint from African governments who are complicit in the recolonisation of Africa by China”.

To date Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassy in Nairobi have made no public comment on the matter.



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Black Panther/Marvel film release



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