Supreme court upholds Uhuru’s victory

The Supreme Court judges have unanimously ruled that the repeat presidential election of 26 October stands.

In a unanimous verdict read by CJ Maraga, the judges have dismissed all the petitions that sought to have the repeat presidential poll nullified and upheld Uhuru’s victory in the October 26 elections saying “there’s no case to answer”.

Former Kilome member of Parliament Haroun Mwau had filed a petition challenging the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will now be sworn in next week on Tuesday.

The Supreme Court had by a majority ruling in September nullified the 8 August presidential election saying it was marred by irregularities and was not done in accordance with the constitution.

The court further directed the IEBC to conduct a repeat presidential poll within 60 days.

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President Robert Mugabe

The Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) on Sunday sacked President Robert Mugabe as its party leader.

The ruling party, which also expelled Grace Mugabe, gave uncle Bob an ultimatum of 24 hours to resign failure to which he would be impeached.

In what had been expected to be his resignation speech, Mugabe failed to resign and did not finish reading through the entire pages, saying “it was a long speech”.

In his address to Zimbabwe , Robert Mugabe acknowledged the criticism from Zanu-PF, the military and the public, but made no mention of his own position.

The 93-year-old has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, & led Zanu PF for even longer. During his speech he said he’d preside over Congress for the next few weeks, ignoring deadline to resign tomorrow by noon, as set by the party.


  • Mugabe acknowledges concerns raised by military intervention
  • Calls the action of the armed forces as motivated by patriotism
  • Says Zimbabweans are peaceably disposed people as demonstrated by virtually bloodless ‘transition’
  • Constitutional order not threatened by military intervention nor disrespectful of his role as Commander-in-chief of the armed forces
  • Pillars of state remained functional despite the events
  • Economic situation discussed and he conceded that country was going through a tough time
  • Military commanders concerns were well founded about public spats by high ranking officials
  • A new work culture will be adopted for the good of the nation
  • Government remains committed to improving the social economic condition of the citizens
  • In respect of the Zanu-PF he acknowledged that the issues raised have to be attended to with a matter of urgency
  • He called for return to party constitutionalism and the era of victimization and decisions made on a whim be abandoned
  • To chair party congress in a fortnight
  • Calls for forgiveness and end of bitterness

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Robert Mugabe with his wife Grace

 Just a few hours ago in Harare, Zanu PF sacked the president and replaced him with Emmerson Mnangagwa, the deputy he dismissed two weeks ago.

The ruling party of Zimbabwe has voted to sack Robert Mugabe as its leader and has appointed in his place the vice-president the veteran autocrat fired two weeks ago.

The vote by hundreds of senior Zanu-PF officials in Harare on Sunday significantly weakens the position of Mugabe, who has refused to step down following a military takeover last week, despite huge marches demanding that he leaves power.

Zimbabwe’s parliament will reconvene on Tuesday after a week-long suspension and is expecting to move to impeach the president if he has not given up power.

The committee also expelled Grace Mugabe, the divisive first lady, who had been chair of the party’s women’s league.

When the motion was passed, removing Mugabe from the head of the party and reinstating Emmerson Mnangagwa to replace him, the hall broke into cheers, song and dance.

The 200 or so members of the central committee leapt to their feet, many singing Mnangagwa’s name.

“This is the day that is defining the new birth and development of our country,” said Mike Madiro, chairman of one of the provincial party branches that had formally set Mugabe’s dethroning in motion.

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Latest:Military leaders are set to meet Mr Mugabe later today.

It is not apparent at this stage whether Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe, acting President, or has been ousted from power, following the military takeover. Either way his days are numbered.

There have also been reports that Mugabe is safe and at home, or under house-arrest. That at least is a step in the right direction. Now he should be charged with mass murder.

President Mugabe, in power for the last 37 years, ran roughshod over his country’s democratic process and wrecked Zimbabwe’s economy, impoverishing the vast majority of his fellow countrymen whilst greatly enriching himself, his wife and the cronies who supported him.

All of that would be bad enough but Mugabe has another charge against his name that the internationally community seem to have largely ignored over the years.


In 1983 Zimbabwe’s Fifth Brigade, a military formation made up of Zimbabwean soldiers from the army but separate from the regular army’s command structure, mounted a murderous campaign of terror against the Ndebele people in Matabeleland (Mugabe is from the majority Shona tribe).

The Ndebele had supported ZAPU, led by Joshua Nkomo, in alliance with Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party. Now, concerned that the Ndebele provided a possible base for opposition to his rule Mugabe sent in the Fifth Brigade to “re-educate” the local population.

The Fifth Brigade had been trained by specialist forces from another well-renowned democratic state, North Korea. They showed no mercy against those thought to be opposed to Mugabe’s dictatorial rule, killing (murdering) at least 4,000 people with some estimates putting the death toll as high as 20,000.

The horrific Gukurahundi killings.

Mugabe has never admitted his direct involvement in what became known as the Gukurahundi massacre but as if it wasn’t already well known, diplomatic correspondence and intelligence reports have recently been released. These, together with many other reports and eye-witness testimonies, confirm what was already well known: Robert Mugabe planned and ordered the mass killings.


Some of these documents have come to light as the result of the publication of previously secret and confidential telexes from the Australian High Commission in Harare.

The Australian telexes revealed that Cephas Msipia, a ZAPU minister still in Zimbabwe’s government of national unity, relayed to the Australian diplomats a conversation he had had with defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi in which the latter told him, “Not only was Mugabe fully aware of what was going on” but the Fifth Brigade were carrying out their murderous work “under Mugabe’s explicit orders”.

If justice is not meted out to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe the International Criminal Court (ICC) should take action. Neither of these eventualities is likely to take place. Several of the military commanders who have taken over power in Zimbabwe were every bit as culpable as Mugabe and the ICC will not want to start legal action against a 93 year-old man who is likely to die before proceedings can be completed.

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Back to the Ipsos opinion poll survey published earlier this week (see also Kenya Forum posting, Jubilee support holds up but Kenya going in “wrong direction”, 14 November ): more than seven-out-of-ten Kenyans say their economic conditions have got worse in the last three months.

When asked whether their “household economic conditions” had got better or “worsened” in the last quarter, 72 percent said it had got worse. This is the second highest “worsened” response recorded by Ipsos since May 2017 (when the figure was 76 percent).


Ipsos noted that household income for Kenyans had remained static over the period of the survey suggesting the benefits of macro-economic growth seen in Kenya have yet to benefit ordinary Kenyans.

It is little wonder that when asked what issue concerned people most, 36 percent of respondents said “the cost of living”.

Interestingly there was also little difference in the responses received to these questions from Jubilee and NASA supporters.


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Zimbabwe military press conference

Raila Odinga Speech at the CSIS Washington DC, USA



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