Machakos Deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala

Machakos Deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala

Barely a week after surviving an impeachment motion, Machakos deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala, has been relieved of his ministerial responsibilities as the county executive in charge of ICT and Labour by Governor Alfred Mutua. Kiala will now only serve as Deputy Governor.

In his defence, Mutua has maintained that Kiala has not been effective and has been too busy politicking and not working for the development of the County.


‘’We have given him a lot of work to do but for some reason he had not been able to do it and it is not good to pressure somebody with portfolio if they are unable to do it. We don’t want to raise people’s blood pressure and make them collapse,’’ Alfred mutual said.

Kiala survived an axe, after the senate refused to endorse his impeachment by the Machakos county assembly on allegations of gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of office and gross misconduct, among others.

During the impeachment proceedings against him, Kiala accused the county administration of graft and raised governance concerns.


In his defense, he accused his boss, Governor Alfred Mutua and his executive committee of nepotism, flouting procurement laws, embezzlement of funds and contravening the county government’s Act in the appointment of the public service.

“My committee probing collection of revenue in Mavoko unearthed massive irregularities and when we sought the governor’s guidance, he disbanded the team promising to seek a forensic expert’s opinion, and up-to-date nothing has happened,” Kiala said.

Well, the public seems to be divided on the rift between mutual and his deputy and only time can tell who is indeed fooling who.


Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua

Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua

This morning, I have held wide consultations with members of my Cabinet, members of the County Assembly of Machakos and respected leaders drawn from all corners of Machakos County.

As a result, I wish to state the following:-

1. We respect the Senate and will uphold the decision by the Senate on the impeachment process of the Deputy Governor of Machakos, Hon. Bernard Kiala.
2. We urge the people of Machakos and Kenyans in general to ignore the various manufactured allegations made against the Government of Machakos County because they are false, malicious and coming from sources whose agenda is to enhance corruption and to slow down our development agenda. We cannot have achieved the great and amazing Development Programs if we were not upright. The results of corruption and anomalies are not development BUT lack of progress, poverty and backwardness. Machakos is the reverse within a very short period.
3. I have undertaken a mini-reshuffle of my Government Executive Portfolio to compensate for the Deputy Governor’s inability to perform assigned duties. This is in line with the Constitution of Kenya and the County Government Act, Section 32, which empowers the Governor to assign duties to his Deputy Governor.

For the last one year or so, I had wished that the Deputy Governor of Machakos contributes to the Development Programs of Machakos in a hands-on way. I had therefore, assigned him the Portfolio of Public Service, Labour and ICT to manage as a member of my Cabinet. As CCTV footage clearly showed, he has been missing in action in terms of development projects in his own portfolio.

It is now clear that the Deputy Governor has been totally unable to perform his duties properly and as per my expectation as the Governor who nominated him as my running mate, as well as to the expectations of the taxpayers and the people of Machakos County. As a result, I have today removed the heavy burden of a portfolio responsibility from him.

Arising from the above, I have also undertaken the following re-adjustments to ensure efficiency in provision of services and major development to Wananchi under Machakos Maendeleo Chap Chap ideology.
(a) Ms. Elizabeth Nzyoka – County Treasury and Revenue Collection
(b) Dr. Sunil Dhall – Trade, Economic Planning and Industrialization
(c) Ms. Faith Wathome – Tourism, Sports and Culture
(d) Ms. Naomi Mutie – Health and Emergency Services
(e) Ms. Hellen Kiilu – Decentralized Units, Urban Areas and Municipalities
(f) Mr. Joshua Musili –Lands, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
(g) Mr. Larry Wambua–Public Service, Labour, ICT and Co-operatives Development
(h) Ms. Ruth Nduku Mutua – Education, Youth and Social Welfare
(i) Mr. George Kioko Luka – Roads, Transport, Housing and Public Works
(j) Mr. Francis Maliti – Water, Agriculture, Irrigation and Sanitation
(k) Mr. Bernard Kiala – Deputy Governor without portfolio but will be assigned duties by the Governor as per the law.

I wish also to announce that, I have appointed Mr. Boniface Mutinda Kabaka as Legal and Strategy Advisor.

Mr. Kabaka is a renowned Advocate of the High Court of Kenya from Ikatini location, Ikalakala Ward in Masinga Sub-County. He has served as a Corporate Lawyer as well as a Law Lecturer in our Country for over 21 years. In the last general election, he vied for the seat of Senator of Machakos County.

These changes take effect immediately.

The last one year in Machakos was the launching pad of what can be achieved if leaders are focused on development of their people and not selfish gains. Now, work has begun– wacha kazi ianze.

H.E. Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS
Governor of Machakos
18th August, 2014

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10583980_677785855629974_8592191768913668451_nAfter a successful premier last year, Cheka Awards, the country’s first ever pure comedy awards is here for the second edition and the organizers are promising a much bigger and better event.

Washington Juma, CEO, Visionaire Entertainment, has intimated that this year, in addition to the trophies and other goodies that winners will take home, they will also be hosted at an exclusive party at the Meladen Club in Upper Hill after the event.

The nominees for the 2014 Cheka Awards were unveiled four weeks ago at a glamorous event at the Intercontinental Hotel and voting kicked off. The winners for the comedy awards are decided upon by the public through voting via Short Messaging Services (SMS). To vote for your favourite contestant, SMS their code to 2050. Voting closes by midday on 29th August 2014.

The galla night is scheduled to go down in a glamorous red carpet event at the 680 hotel on Friday 29th August.

Cheka Awards seeks to crown the best in the comedy industry, which has now become a force to reckon with. The competitive categories for these year’s awards are 23 but the organizers have stated that they have an additional three ‘surprise categories’.

  1.       Comedy King 2014                                      12. Comedy Queen 2014                   
  2.       Best Male Stand-up Comedian               13  Best Female Stand-up Comedian
  3.       Best TV Male Sit-Comedian                     14. Best TV Female Sit-Comedian
  4.       Best Female Radio Comedian                 15. Best Male Radio Comedian
  5.       Best Vernacular Radio Comedian        16. Best New Comedian
  6.       Most Comic Swahili Radio Show          17. Most Comic English Radio Show
  7.       Best TV Sit-com Show                               18. Best TV Stan-up Comedy Show
  8.       Most Comic Article Writer                      19. Most Comic Cartoonist
  9.       Best TV Comedy Director                        20. Best Stage Comedy Director
  10.       Most Comic TV Advert                              21. Most Comic Radio Advert
  11.       Best TV Prank Show                                   22. Best Stage Comedy Production                


Last year, Otoyo and Zulekha were crowned king and queen of comedy respectively with Eric Omondi clinching the Best Stand Up Comedian award.  Will these ‘rib-crackers’ defend their title?


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The following statement was printed in today’s Star newspaper:

Nicholas Biwott

Nicholas Biwott

In a news report by John Nalianya published on August 6, 2014, under the headline ‘Dolan wants ex-MP kicked out of task force’, The Star stated that Mr Nicholas Biwott had been ‘among those mentioned’ In the Akiwumi Report (1999) into tribal violence.

The perception created was that Mr Biwott was mentioned in the Akiwumi Report for further investigation as one of the parties involved in the tribal violence that framed the subject matter of the Report.

It has been brought to our attention that Mr Biwott’s name was ruled to be expunged or removed from the Akiwumi Report by High Court of Kenya and that the Commission’s recommendation in respect of Nicholas Biwott was found unlawful and deemed against justice by the Kenyan Courts.

The judgment by the High Court of Kenya (November 2002 Case No.1269), found that: “the recommendation made by the (Akiwumi) Commission to the effect that the applicant (Nicholas Biwott) be investigated for tribal clashes in Kericho District was wrong in law, was made in breach of the rules of natural justice and hence is a nullity.”

The judgment also found that ‘there was no evidence against’ Nicholas Biwott and that ‘this is supported by the (Akiwumi) Commission’s findings’.

Based on the above facts the High Court ruled and ordered that, ‘The Judicial Commission of Inquiry on tribal clashes in Kenya dated 31.7.1991 is ordered removed into this court and quashed as far is it recommends that the applicant be further investigated regarding his role in the tribal clashes that occurred in Kericho District’.

The Star apologises unreservedly to the High Court of Kenya for any implied contempt of the Court’s decision, and to Mr Nicholas Biwott for the misleading nature of the report and for any distress it may have caused him.

Related Kenya Forum posting: The Kenya Human Rights Commission report (Part 5) – Kiliku, Akiwumi. Tribal Clashes and the Faces of Impunity’, 12 September, 2011

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Isaya Evans (Face of Safaricom Sevens)


He can brag of being credited in at least two out of every five ‘hot’ productions being undertaken in the country by different production houses and he reveals that his role as Patrick, the sleazy guy in Lies That Bind (KTN) was actually his first role in a TV production.

You have definitely seen his face in the Safaricom Sevens Ad’s which he first graced last year and amazingly this year’s as well and it would be safe to say that the talented actor is geared to become the face of the Safaricom Sevens tournament.

‘’I love rugby and featuring in the Safaricom Sevens Ads is being part of the game for me, it’s not just a job’’ he says.

He made his debut appearance in a TV commercial in 2012 for a finance institution and has since then done several others including one for KPLC.

Isaya calls himself a You-Tube graduate and reveals that just like Yego, the You-Tube athlete, he takes so many acting classes online so that he can enhance his skills. Ironically, he holds a degree in Bachelor of Science from Egerton University but maintains that his passion lies in acting.

He recalls that back in pre-school he was cast as a prop (door) together with a classmate in a scene in the school’s play where there was a wedding.

10384523_10203812857756227_6715348471221743061_n‘’The most ideal role was that of the ‘bwana harusi/groom’ which everyone envied and I remember wishing I had been cast for the role instead of the door, so after that I said to myself that I will ensure that I get the best role in future plays,’’

Professionally, he reveals that he never knew he could act let alone do a commercial and it took the effort of his talent manager, Lowry Denzel Odhiambo (Lowry’s Casting Agency) to expose him to the industry.

‘’He told me to go to the gym, groom myself and ensure that I look like I can sell something’, Isaya says.

‘’As for acting Ainea Ojiambo has been my coach and Muiru Wa Karuri my greatest critic.’’ I wouldn’t be this far without their counsel.’’

Even from the way he speaks about the industry, Isaya is without a doubt passionate about what he does. He has been featured in TV series like, Sumu La Penzi (MNET), My Spouse and I among others and even with such an impressive resume, he believes that he is just getting started.

Isaya advises upcoming actors to ‘’read widely so that they can easily acquire what others have labored for years’’ and proudly maintains that nowadays he doesn’t go for an audition to try for a role, he goes to get it. He is quick to add that it’s not bragging.

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1908019_10152256671787543_5341231653115130666_nIt’s quite evident that the country’s film industry is emerging at a remarkable pace and gone are the days when actors used to be typical ‘hustlers’, making appearances in a few productions that existed back then not for pay but just to get a credit.

The industry is producing award winning films and TV series left right and centre and this can only mean more jobs for the industry players, some of whom can now brag to live off acting.

Even much notable is the opportunities that the corporate scene has provided for actors in the advertising arena which has proved to be a cash cow for the lucky ones who land the much desired advertising deals.

Forget the usual faces, as the growth being witnessed in the industry has seen the emergence of new players and in this article, the Kenya Forum brings to the limelight two seasoned actors who have only been in the industry for barely two years, but are now smiling all the way to the bank thanks to advertisement deals with leading corporates in addition to their impressive acting resumes.

Zuku man

Zuku man


He has been in the acting industry for only one year, but his acting resume is one that fellow actors can only admire. For most actors, landing a TV commercial deal, appearing on a bill board or better still endorsing a product remains the ultimate dream but for this former accountant, all these seems to be trailing him. Its TV commercials that have actually given Blessing a platform to mainstream acting.

Blessing reveals how he was walking to work on the streets of Nairobi one morning in May last year, only to be stopped by a stranger who introduced himself as a casting director who was interested in him as a model for a TV commercial he was shooting.

“At first I thought this guy was one of the many conmen on our streets so I brushed him off but he insisted. I told him am an accountant not a model or an actor and that I was really in a hurry because I was late for work. So he gave me his business card, asked me to think about it and give him a call before the day ends” he says.

Little did Blessing know that the random encounter would be his stepping stone to landing lucrative advertising deals.

“After sharing the encounter with my friends and colleagues, they advised me to give it a shot, so I called the casting director and went for an audition the following day. I had never been in front of a camera before and I was so nervous. I honestly sacked and therefore didn’t land the role but the crew took picture of me and which incidentally got me shortlisted for five advertising jobs” he says.

The same casting director bluntly told him that he sacked at the audition but encouraged him to practice acting in front of a mirror every day, an advice though weird to Blessing, he choose to follow religiously. He would do this for 5 hours every day and especially the night before an audition and his dedication would later pay when just a month later, he did his first major TV commercial; the AD that Tuskys supermarkets did for Kenya@50, which would turn out to be his breakout performance.

“When I went to sign the check after being shortlisted for the AD, I was pleasantly shocked. I mean the pay for the AD which only ran for 30 seconds was much more than what I was getting for my monthly job!”

_DSC8472It was then that it dawned on him that there was so much potential in the acting industry and he actually had the talent so he decided to utilize this to the fullest. Come august the same year, he did the unthinkable; quit his full time job and embarked into the unpredictable world of acting.

“After the Tusky AD went on air, Marvin Obaga, a cousin of mine who is a Director, introduced me to Fill Braeson of Insignia productions whose TV series PREM was currently running on KTN. I was cast for an extra role and Fill really played an instrumental role in teaching and tutoring me to bring out my talent.”

By the time he was done with his minor role in PREM, Blessing had become so confident and skilled that he went for ten auditioned in addition to being  cast for three more episodes in PREM, this time, his role had lines.

After PREM he was cast for a supporting role in a TV series on KBC, Makavazi and also in a movie titled URIAH by Zamaridi productions. Four months later, he landed his first lead role in a movie titled DEBBY, by White House Productions.

Any casting director will tell you that the first three months off the year are dry spells for commercials but for blessing, favour seems to be his portion as he did three TV commercials in those months. So is it just luck or exceptional talent that is opening the vast doors for this young, creative and tall gentleman?

“No, it has never been luck,” he says.

 “It’s God’s favour. As my name suggests am blessed. Am very religious by the way and I believe that I don’t get my roles at the audition halls but I get them on my knees every morning when I pray to God to bless my day.” He emphasises.

Blessing discloses that he has just landed his first product endorsement for a telecommunications company but says his contract does not allow him to divulge more details for now but says he will be traveling to South Africa for the project in the coming weeks.

Well, with quite a number of appearances on TV commercials and billboards, which are often viewed as cash cows by actors, just what has been his highest pay so far?  Of course he refuses to divulge the exact figure just like they all do but says it’s a six figure from his latest project however judging by the expression on his face and how wide his eyes get as he talks about, it must be huge.

“I saw my name on the contract and the money under it and I had to ask, how many people am I paying?” he said.

blessAs if that’s not enough, he reveals that he has been called by a top production house in Nigeria for a role in a star studded movie featuring among others Nollywood’s  star Desmond Elliot.

Well even with such admirable credits under his name, Blessing still faces a myriad of challenges in the industry and you just wouldn’t guess what his biggest challenge is; Dating. At first it was difficult to comprehend why that would be an issue for such a hunk and especially with his profile but he is quick to clarify.

“It’s been difficult to find a good girl because they all imagine that am a player. Actually there is this girl that I really fancied and we were going out for some time until she discovered that am the guy she had been seeing on bill boards and she vanished,” he says.

The time frame between which an actor works and the time they get paid is also another challenge which many people who are not in the industry do not understand.

“Sometimes friends and family come to me seeking financial support and sometimes am not in apposition to help but it’s hard for them to believe because they are seeing me on TV or in a bill board every day,” he say.

His biggest fear is to be typecast. He doesn’t want to be limited in certain roles and the reality that he can be good at something that he did not know he had continues to be his motivating factor.

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