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December 4, 2014


Joseph Nkaissery gets on the docket to be the next Internal Security boss. This comes after the departure of Joseph Ole Lenku.

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Joseph Nkaissery gets on the docket to be next Internal Security boss

Joseph Nkaissery gets on the docket to be next Internal Security boss

Joseph Nkaiserry

President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated retired Major General Joseph Nkaissery as the Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security on Tuesday but he can only assume the position once he has been vetted and given a nod by parliament. The vetting is done by the Committee on Appointment chaired by the Speaker.

Nkaissery, who is affiliated to the opposition, yesterday thanked Uhuru for the appointment but maintained that he is still a sitting MP and would thus have to consult his constituents before accepting the position.


“Let me thank the President, if indeed what is happening is true for the trust that he has bestowed upon me. The country needs a serious mind when it comes to security,” he told the National Assembly amid excitement from members.

Most legislators have expressed confidence in Nkaissery’s ability to steer the security docket and it’s almost certain that parliament will approve his appointment.

According to security analyst Mwenda Mbijiwe, Nkaissery’s vast experience in the army will come in handy at this time the country is at war with terrorists.

“With Kenya being in war we need a minister who understands combat, war and him being a combat instructor he prepared the army for real war.” Mbinjiwe said.

“Having served as 2nd commander of the Kenya Army Battalion, he was privy to very private issues and national security affairs that someone in that docket needs to be aware of.

“Nkaissery has enough confidence from the public and will definitely give his best shot,” said Kimani Wamatangi (Senator Kiambu County).


Article 152(3) of the Constitution states that a Cabinet Secretary (CS) shall not be a Member of Parliament thus Nkaissery’s nomination will trigger a by-election in his constituency.

Kajiado is largely Jubilee dominated and Nkaissery’s seat is the only one held by ODM in the entire Kajiado County.

The opposition has continuously meted out massive criticism on the Jubilee government over the state of insecurity in the country and now that their own will soon be heading that docket, Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what the reaction will be.


Joseph Nkaissery’s consideration for the position of Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security comes after Joseph Ole Lenku lost the role. Ole Lenku lost the role because of rampant insecurity in the country and his perceived inability to deal with it.


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